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The Compliation of Physics Calculators is strongly recomended for students interested or majoring in Physics related subjects. We effectively introduce a series of calculators in various subjects including: Kinematics, Fluid Dynamics, etc. Find out more below:

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Latest News

New Release!
Version 1.02 has been launched, visit our sourceforge page.   More

Binary Version for MAC The Binary runtime package for Mac OS X has been uploaded.   More

Sourceforge The first version of our software is up on Sourceforge as a BETA version.   More

How to Use!

The Compliation of Physics Calculators is not very hard to use. However, currently, as it is under the process of construction, it is under a command-line interface. But it does make it easily availabe for nearly all operating systems.

We are sponsered by PiezoSystems: The Future of Energy Harvesting introducing new electronic devices that are able to recharge by the process of energy-harvesting please visit their website to learn more, or email them at (Image Credit Belongs to Monash University, visit their website Monash University Department of Physics).

We will be writing a user-guide, explaining how to use the software. We will also explain the uses of the software as well as the calibration or optimization of the software. Please check back on User-Guides Page.


A quick summary about our goals and initatives.

Our goal is to provide every physics student a chance to understand physics on the computer perspective. Where we are providing calculators and future graphical user interfaces mainly designed for students to complete their work on a computer.

We are a very small group of dedicated programers and scientists. Any help in form of coding, or donations will be greatly appreciated and helpful in new and more sophisticated releases.